The No Cavities Club

For our patients 12 years old and younger who don't have any cavities at their most recent preventive care visit, we enroll them in "The No Cavities Club." We proudly display their photograph in the office, and congratulate them on being good brushers!


"The No Cavities Club" 
Winter Quarter 2018 
( January through March )

We congratulate them and their parents on the
value they place on good home care.

Keep up the good work!

Audrey Bennett

Joseph Bennett

Addison Reeves

Mackenzie Reeves

Alyssa Shalosky

Makayla Shalosky

Cailyn O’Connor

Peyton O’Connor

Faith Poling

Owen Poling

Alyssa Pagniano

Selena Gonzales

Annabelle Schirner

R’Shaud Palmer

Anthony Manson

Liam Manson

Carmen Hood

Camilla Hood

Emily Barath

Nathan Elliott

Abby Knudsen

Kamden Schaffer

Dylan Rummer

Bella Rummer

Iris Reeder

Brayden Loving



Zoe Adams

Jillian Adams

Tristyn Smith

Layla Gemmer

Ava Gemmer

Gavin Kempker

Breanna Corbett

Isabelle Dolloff

Kaydence Thompson

Ethan Watkins

Anakin Watkins

Isabelle Michael

Grace Michael

Madison Briggs

Alanah Pelegrin

Brooklyn Ehlers

Anthony Brown

Lillie Cavinee

Christina Susi

Emalie Stansbury

Briseis Reategui

Ryan Rutherford

Jovany Rojas

Grayson Rizzo

Moses Rauh

Meridian Smith



Nathan Copley

Makailah Kinsey

Alyssa Nicodemus

Cory Nicodemus

Zachary Nicodemus

Joie Blackburn

Marshall Workman

Vivien Carpenter

Simon Carpenter

Indigo Cherup

Ava Hoosier

Eli Hoosier

Brennan Fraley

Rylee Wheeler

Seth Jackson

Breanna Jackson

Anna Reikowsky

Summer Newnam

Preston Johnson

Emily Johnson

Zella Carter-Garrett

Isabella Gant

Caleb Phillips

Erick Salinas

Nataly Salinas



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