The No Cavities Club

For our patients 12 years old and younger who don't have any cavities at their most recent preventive care visit, we enroll them in "The No Cavities Club." We proudly display their photograph in the office, and congratulate them on being good brushers!


"The No Cavities Club" 
Summer Quarter 2017
(July through September)

We congratulate them and their parents on the
value they place on good home care.

Keep up the good work!

Marvin Dee
Ethan Havlin
Abigail Jenkins
Kayden Stanbridge
Nevaeh Moyer
Jase Gall
Jeremiah Washington
Nicholas Kaufman
Bella Rodriguez
Connor Dutton
Ivy Dutton
Alexia Hale
Caedance Friend
Jacob Kraft
Evan DeMatteo
Ava DeMatteo
Kelena Flint
Arianna Kalra
Rachel Foss


Josephine Lee
Penelope Lee
Jax Lee
Riley Whitten
Mallory Masterson
Nick Braun
Alex Moore
Jack Hale
Jacob Medors
Cole Richardson
Audrey Richardson
Addy Stark
Ryan Stark
Calan Witt
Ava Witt
Chloe Hall
Damien Herbert
Trevor Justice
Kemariya Campbell


Justin Justice
Maci Kahiga
Memphis Kahiga
Abby Breedlove
Drew Craddock
Ali Jusu
Rahm Jusu
Ella Kuehnl
Gabe Kuehnl
Kate Kuehnl
Claire Kuehnl
Josie Harris
Dean Harris
Lucy Boyd
Alex Boyd
Lila Brunner
William Kraft
Parker Clawson
Noah Clawson


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