The No Cavities Club

For our patients 12 years old and younger who don't have any cavities at their most recent preventive care visit, we enroll them in "The No Cavities Club." We proudly display their photograph in the office, and congratulate them on being good brushers!


"The No Cavities Club"

Spring Quarter 2017
( April through June )

We congratulate them and their parents on the value they place on good home care.

Keep up the good work!


Olivia Sherman

Riley Whitten

Maxwell Cummins

Megan McManaway

Madilyn Clark

Camryn Gall

Jase Gall

Isabella Casiano

Maci Kahiga

Jeremiah Washington

Nevaeh Moyer

Alejandro Charles

Nathan Elliott

Rylei Wilgus

Nicholas Kaufman

Avery Kaufman

Andrew Ruacho

Carter Strickland

Ty Caudill

Arianna Kalra

Angelina Som

Connor Dutton

Ivy Dutton

Alycia Rodriguez

Annabella Rodriguez






Avery Barcus

Josephine Lee

Penelope Lee

Jax Lee

Caedance Friend

Jacob Loving

Alexia Hale

Alysia Vogelsong

Mallory Masterson

Hunter Masterson

Ashton Helterbran

Evan DeMatteo

Ava DeMatteo

Iris Reeder

Rachel Foss

Abigail Dennis

Ava Witt

Calan Witt

Jack Hale

Jacob Medors

Mikayla Richardson

Cole Richardson

Audrey Richardson

Meridian Smith

Landon Simpkins 






Addison Stark

Chloe Hall

Gabriel Kuehnl

Kate Kuehnl

Drew Craddock

Marissa Rensch

William Kraft

Josie Harris

Dean Harris

Justin Justice

Lila Brunner

Lindsey Shannon

Kelsey Robertson

Lucy Boyd

Alex Boyd

Parker Clawson

Noah Clawson

Audrey Bennett

Joseph Bennett

Charlie Russell

Ava Houk

Alyssa Pagniano

Nneoma Nlemchi

Makayla Shalosky