The No Cavities Club

For our patients 12 years old and younger who don't have any cavities at their most recent preventive care visit, we enroll them in "The No Cavities Club." We proudly display their photograph in the office, and congratulate them on being good brushers!


"The No Cavities Club" 
Spring Quarter 2020 
( April through June )

We congratulate them and their parents on the
value they place on good home care.

Keep up the good work!

Joseph Bennett

Bethany Pelegrin

Roslyn Weinhold

Cailyn O’Connor

Payton O’Connor

Keaton O’Connor

Carson O’ Connor

Caleb Griffin

Aiden Griffin

Harper Shook

  Makailah Kinsey  




Indigo Cherup

Marcie Horton

Gerty Horton

Alex Paskins

Kaleb Reikowsky

Davin Dee

Rylee Wheeler

Joie Blackburn

Cameron Grubb

Logan Grubb

  Claire Corum  


Sebastian Buckner

Bronson Mossor

Alyssa Nicodemus

Zach Nicodemus

Evan Franjesevic

Eva Franjesevic

Mitchell Franjesevic

Jovany Rojas

Joleynni Rojas

 Camryn Gall   




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