General Treatment

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Columbus Family Dental Care, led by Dr. David Dixon, specializes in general dental treatments for patients of all ages. We are always happy to welcome new patients to our beautiful Grove City office. Our friendly and professional team will ensure you have an amazing appointment experience, whether you are visiting for something as simple as a cleaning or filling, or more advanced, like an implant crown. Year after year, families across Columbus and Grove City are satisfied with the quality dental care we provide. Following is an overview of some of our general dentistry services.

Resin Restorations (Tooth-Colored Filings)

Did you receive fillings years ago when the metallic variety was the only option? Do you hate opening your mouth wide and seeing all those little black spots on your teeth? We can fix this unsightly appearance by replacing your metallic filings with resin restorations, better known as "tooth-colored" fillings. In many ways, these resin restorations are far superior to the old amalgam fillings. Here's how:

  • They restore the natural look of your teeth while protecting them and preventing further damage from the cavity.
  • They can improve the overall strength of the tooth.
  • They can be used to rebuild a severely decayed tooth, or teeth.
  • They prevent the need for more extensive treatment down the road.

After your appointment for these fillings, you are able to eat and drink anything you want after numbness subsides and you can chew and swallow comfortably. Also, resin fillings don't conduct hot and cold temperatures the same way metallic fillings do, so you won't experience temperature sensitivity or pain. The best part is the durability. Resin fillings are extremely hard and maintain their color and strength, potentially, for decades.

Removable Partial Dentures & Complete Dentures

If you've suffered from periodontal disease, tooth decay or a severe oral injury that caused you to lose your natural teeth, partial or complete dentures are the answer to maintain your dental health. With dentures, we can return a glowing smile! Dentures make it much more easy and effective to speak clearly, chef food properly and provide that confidence in your appearance. If we need to replace the supporting bones and gums, full dentures are necessary. If only a few teeth have been affected, partial dentures will be used. Either way, dentures can give you back the function and feeling of having perfect teeth.

Dental Implant Crowns

Crowns are used when more than half of a single tooth is damaged by cavity, decay or trauma. Crowns are used to repair severely cracked or chipped teeth, too. The purpose of a crown is to cover the entire tooth, hold it together and, ultimately, strengthen its structure. When damage to a tooth is so severe that it cannot support a filling, a crown will be necessary.

Fixed Partial Dentures (Bridges)

Say you lost a tooth or two (think hockey player smile) because of an accident, decay or gum disease, a bridge, or fixed partial dentures, can restore the space created by the missing tooth and restore your optimum oral health. If left untreated, a space or gap between teeth can cause the rest of your teeth to shift or expose them to further decay. Bridges bridge the gap and effectively replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Oral Surgery & Tooth Extractions

Dr. Dixon is able to perform basic oral surgery and tooth extractions for the routine removal of erupted or impacted (buried) teeth. A local anesthetic, along with a possible oral sedative, are all that will be necessary to provide comfort for patients during these basic extractions. If you prefer or require general anesthesia or IV sedation for any reason, we can refer you to an oral surgeon capable of providing both.

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Again, please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or to schedule an appointment at our local Grove City and Columbus, Ohio dental practice. We treat patients of all ages and are always accepting new patients. We'll see you soon!